What is Faithful 32x?

One of the most famous Minecraft resource packs, Faithful adds a new level of detail to your world while keeping the same look and feel of Minecraft that we all know and love. Faithful is available on Minecraft Java and the Bedrock Marketplace.

Visit the
ir website.

What is Vanilla Tweaks?

Vanilla Tweaks is about tweaking parts of the vanilla game that we believe can be a little bit better. They're mostly subtle changes to improve the default game experience. The website includes a picker with which you can create your very own collection of tweaks to be included in your game. "You pick and choose, we do the rest!"

their website.

Where Can I Get Faithful Tweaks?

Visit the Main Page.

Can I Help Create Faithful Tweaks?

Yes! Create a fork of our GitHub repository, and add your Tweaks there. Then open a Pull request.

Keep in mind the team reserves the right to not accept your tweaks.

Can I give suggestions?

Yes! Visit the Feedback page. Alternatively, you can also join our Discord Server., or leave a comment (least suggested).

Can My Pack/Addon Be Added To Faithful Tweaks?

Yes, send your pack/addon in the #community-creations channel on our Discord Server.

Will Faithful Tweaks Support Bedrock?

Not in the near future. We will add Bedrock support once we have finished the Java edition Tweaks.